The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Khalid Al-Mishri, proposed Monday in a press conference in Tripoli postponing presidential elections till after conducting constitutional referendum, saying only parliamentary election should be held at the set date of December 24, which he said is possible.

He said after the parliamentary elections, the High Council of State and House of Representatives would be out of the equation after the election of a new parliament whose main job would be conducting constitutional referendum in a span of one year.

Al-Mishri said the High Council of State believes that presidential elections wouldn't bring about stability at present, saying stability is the final end of elections for Libyans.

He said the House of Representatives doesn't have the right to issue laws unilaterally and if it insisted on passing the elections law, it would be considered a hindrance to elections, adding that they have an alternative plan if the parliament continued its work without consulting them.

Al-Mishri said the constitutional basis that was passed by the High Council of State was sent to the House of Representatives, UNSMIL and High National Elections Commission.