The Head of the High Council of State, Khalid Al-Mishri, said there are regional parties that have no interest in allowing Libya to hold elections and achieve stability, accusing some parties, which he didn't name, of negative intervention in the country.

The media office of the High Council of State said Wednesday that the remarks came in a meeting with the Head of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Piero Fassino, in Rome, where Al-Mishri reiterated the keenness of his council to hold elections on time to end the transitional phase and said they are about to finalize laws for elections.

Al-Mishri reiterated that there are massive challenges facing elections in addition to the legislations, singling out mercenaries' control on some Libyan cities and the fact that the government isn't controlling all of the country.

The Italian official told Al-Mishri that they are monitoring the Libyan situation closely and hailed the agreements signed by Libyan parties at the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, and Berlin, saying he hopes they keep these agreements in place and the country's authorities approve a constitutional basis.

"Elections legislations should be abiding and consensual so hindrances can be removed. The Chamber of Deputies is ready to provide technical support for the legislation and to communicate with High Council of State's committees in this regard." He added.