The spokesman for Khalifa Haftar's forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said any results coming out of Berlin conference on Libya will be a waste of time, adding that the solution to the crisis is military, not a political one.

Al-Mismari told Libya Channel that whatever comes out of Berlin conference will stay in Berlin as the final say in the crisis will be for "the firearms".

"We have lost so far 7000 fighters. We didn't sacrifice them to sign agreements with UN envoy Ghassan Salame to cease fire with criminals and terrorists." He added.

He also confessed for the first time to the presence of Russian military operatives with Haftar's forces in the fighting for Tripoli.

"There are two Russian military crews doing technical work and maintenance of military vehicles." Al-Mismari remarked.

Russia has refuted many times the reports that some of its troops are deployed to help Haftar's forces in their war against Tripoli, the last of which was Russian Deputy Foreign Minister's rebuttal of The New York Times report about tens of mercenaries on the ground around Tripoli, saying it was "an imaginary story".

Al-Mismari said in a presser on Saturday that their forces would impose a no-fly zone over Tripoli, except for Mitiga Airport, warning civilian planes against flying over the restricted area without prior coordination and permission by them.