Al-Nabaa TV assigns guilt of attack on its HQ to Presidential Council

Al-Nabaa TV assigns guilt of attack on its HQ to Presidential Council

March 20, 2017 - 22:38
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Libyan local TV channel, Al-Nabaa, has announced that it has begun filing a lawsuit inside and outside Libya against the groups that are harboring ill-intentions to the channel as well as against the Presidential Council (PC) of the UN-proposed government.

"The PC is included in the lawsuit as it said it had secured Tripoli while Al-Nabaa headquarters was being set ablaze." The first statement of Al-Nabaa TV after the assault indicated, naming certain armed groups that are pro-PC as the attackers.

The statement explained that an armed group composed of seven vehicles, including two armored ones, stormed into the HQ last Wednesday and then set fire to each and every floor in the building, hence ransacking the TV equipment and leaving the building in a state of considerable damage.

"We've had obtained some information about the intent of some pro-PC armed brigades to assault the TV's HQ in conjunction with the clashes that broke out in Al-Naser Wood then as well as with the announcement of a new security plan by the PC." Al-Nabaa TV remarked.

It also accused the Civil Defense Apparatus in Tripoli of intentionally abstaining from doing its job and putting out the fire to rescue the nearby civilians.

"Instructions were given to the Civil Defense Apparatus from above demanding it to make no reaction or response to the fire at Al-Nabaa TV HQ in Tripoli." The statement adds.

Al-Nabaa TV's statement also said that it found it nonsensical to see how the pro-Dignity Operation media outlets celebrated the attack and then fabricating a story and saying that it was done by protesters.