The chief of staff of warlord Haftar’s forces, Abdul-Razaq Al-Nadhouri, arrived in Tripoli`s Mitiga Airport Monday morning. He was accompanied by Haftar`s representatives in the 5+5 Joint Military Committee (JMC).

Al-Nadhouri was met at his arrival by the head of the chief of staff of Libyan army Mohammad Haddad, along with other commanders.

The two generals and JMC members met to continue discussions on the topic of unifying the country`s military that had previously taken place in Sirte and Cairo.

Media outlets loyal to Haftar said, “The second meeting of Libya`s military was held in Tripoli on Monday as to complete the work of the Military committee.”

They added that both sides held discussions on several issues including “reducing the challenges facing the military committee, and extending the path to unifying the military.”

A source close to the meeting who preferred not to be named said the meeting came to carry out the path to bringing closer ties between the military camps of Dbeibeh and Haftar. These ties have recently become visible through most notably in the form of Dbeibeh`s appointment of Bin Qadara as head of the National Oil Corporation. This was a preface to the appointment of Al-Nadhouri as minister of defence and Haddad as head of the Libyan army.

The source also said the most stand out topic discussed in the meeting between Al-Nadhouri and Haddad was ensuring the ceasefire remains. The meeting also saw discussions on requests made by eastern representatives of the JMC as well as agreements from both sides on the structure of the army and the suggestions of names who will be likely appointed in the future.

The source added that it will be likely Haddad would visit Benghazi and the eastern regions soon as the chief of staff of Libyan army. Predated by this will be the appointment Al-Nadhouri as minister of defence.