Libyan commander of the western coast military zone, Salah Al-Deen Al-Namroush accused media outlets of misinterpreting his press statements which he had made in an interview with French magazine Jeune Afrique in the past few days, saying that “some of the terms that came in the context of his speech to the magazine were twisted to reverse the meaning and thus they were made to contradict the entire context of the conversation.

Al-Namroush said that the Government of National Unity sought and is still seeking to establish peace and defend the “sanctity of Libyan blood and the unity of its territory”.

Al-Namroush said in a statement to the Military Media Office of the Ministry of Defense that the unity government had gone through many difficult circumstances, especially the closure of the oil ports and the failure to adopt the budget, which was the reason for the failure in the performance of the government.

“There are supervisory bodies whose mission and responsibility is to evaluate their performance, and it is not within my authority, as a military officer, to do so.” He added.

Al-Namroush indicated that what was said about him describing the unity government or its Prime Minister as corrupt is untrue and fabricated and the purpose behind such fabrication is to spread division within the body of the unity government, stressing that any accusation of this kind affects him personally as he is part of this government and one of the leaders of the Libyan Army under this government.

In an interview with Jeune Afrique, Al-Namroush said that he “does not understand how France and Russia can be on the same side with Khalifa Haftar,” pointing out that France supported Haftar during the last war (2019-2020) 100% with weapons and intelligence.