The commander of the so-called Omar Al-Maukhtar Brigade of Dignity Operation, which is laying a siege on Derna, Salim Al-Rifadi, said the arrest of about 90 military men from the Dignity Operation forces in east Libya was done in line with what he described as the Anti-Terrorism Authority.

Al-Rifadi, who was appointed recently as a military mayor for Al-Abiyar town in the place of the elected one, said in a meeting with a number of leaders for the brigades that are besieging Derna that it is possible to expand arrests and make them include military personnel, who are accused of treason by the General Command of Army and who have communications with anti-Dignity Operation and anti-Haftar parties.

“I warn the Blood Owners Brigades of ever violating the orders or conducting military action without prior coordination.” Al-Rifadi said, referring to a group of civilians fighting alongside Haftar’s forces.

Haftar’s forces stormed into Martuba area in eastern Derna on Wednesday and arrested a number of military men, including Colonel Adel Al-Jazawi.

There is no news regarding their whereabouts and fate up until today.

Dignity Operation forces arrested last week 42 officers from the Air Defense Base in Al-Rajma village in east Benghazi on charges of treason and they were sent to Al-Kwaifiya prison, in addition to arresting two high-ranking officers, who were abducted from a hotel in Al-Bayda last Saturday.

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