The Head of Libya's Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj has hailed in a statement the resistance of the forces who defended Gharyan against the attacks of Khalifa Haftar's forces early this week.

Al-Sarraj renewed his call on those who are "lured into the battle" on the side of Haftar's forces to surrender themselves and their weapons, saying they will be treated well.

He also expressed the need to continue securing Gharyan on all fronts so any new attacks can be thwarted, in addition to providing necessary services to the residents.

Al-Sarraj also met on Thursday with the Chief of Staff Mohammed Al-Sharif and discussed with him the developments on frontlines in the Greater Tripoli District, besides the security of Gharyan and military coordination for securing all of the western region.

Al-Sharif reaffirmed that the Libyan Army forces are on alert on all frontlines, adding that they are achieving advances on fighting axes.