The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj has ordered to provide military reinforcement to back up the Libyan Army forces on the frontlines.

In a meeting with Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha and several military officials, Al-Sarraj discussed necessary measures to secure civilians and civilian infrastructure against airstrikes by Khalifa Haftar's forces. They also discussed security and military developments on frontlines.

The meeting was attended by military zones' commanders of the western, central regions and Tripoli.

The meeting comes amid bitter criticisms to the Presidential Council that accused it of giving in to Haftar and his supporters' agenda as well as of providing little support for the Tripoli-defending forces, focusing on statements to international players, while Haftar strengthened his forces and backed them up by foreign mercenaries.

Case in point is Misrata municipality, which issued a statement Monday blaming Presidential Council and General Staff for the inaction and lack of airpower support to protect lives and properties on the ground.

The former political adviser to Haftar, Mohammed Buisier, also accused the Presidential Council of failing to be on the leadership in the Tripoli battle, focusing on enlisting international support and ignoring the military side, which - he said - could lead Libya back to tyranny.

Buisier called on the Presidential Council members to step down and allow other figures who are capable of leadership to take their positions.

Lately, Haftar's forces have been making advances after hundreds of Russian mercenaries from Wagner Group joined the battle on their side plus the heavy airpower made possible by foreign intervention.