Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj has met with a delegation from the southern region to review the overall situation and needs of their areas.

The delegation included Member of Parliament Fatima Al-Suwai'i, Mayor of Ubari Ahmed Matko, Mayor of Wadi Utbah Abdul Rahman Al-Salheen, and President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the South Mansour Al-Sreeti, besides several political and social activists in the region.

Al-Sarraj stressed that achieving security and stability in the southern region remains a top priority for the Government of National Accord (GNA).

"The South is at the heart of the economic reform program that has recently been activated after the unification of the Libyan dinar exchange rate".

He stressed the importance of consolidating harmony and peaceful coexistence between all parties and components of the south to avoid any escalation of violence in the future.

Al-Sarraj reviewed the measures taken by the government to address the security issue, the proportion allocated for urgent service projects, and the exceptional financial arrangements approved for development projects in the south.

Meanwhile, the delegation raised several issues and demands concerning the education, health, and agriculture sector, while the Prime Minister reiterated to give his orders without delay to address the files presented during the meeting.