The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj said Monday that Libya was on the verge of witnessing a political settlement after his meeting with Khalifa Haftar in Abu Dhabi.

He said the Abu Dhabi meeting reiterated that there can be no military solution and support for National Conference, placing a strategy to build the Libyan army under a civilian authority and adopting a professional media rhetoric aside from propaganda and hate speech.

Al-Sarraj's remarks came in his meeting with the European Monitoring Commission that arrived in Tripoli on Saturday.

According to the media office of Al-Sarraj, he reaffirmed to the commission and its head that the attack on Tripoli is a coup attempt that aims to undermine the political process and end hopes for elections and the civilian state.

"Haftar was encouraged to launch his attack on Tripoli after he got support and arms from some countries, thus becoming delusional enough to think he would be able to enter Tripoli in a matter of days." Al-Sarraj added.

Al-Sarraj also informed the commission about the aftermath of the Tripoli attack that has been ongoing for over two months, explaining that the crimes and violations committed by Haftar's forces amount to war crimes.

He reiterated his government's support for peace, but insisted that the forces under his government's command had been forced into the fighting to foil the coup, saying they would return to dialogue once the attacking forces had retreated to their previous positions so a new political process with new principles could take effect.