The Chairman of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad Al-Sayeh, discussed on Wednesday with the UN envoy and Head of UNSMIL, Abdoulaye Bathily, in Tripoli, the electoral process, including ways to strengthen efforts to hold elections.

The two sides also reviewed international technical support through the bodies of the UN, led by the United Nations Development Program, for HNEC, touching upon the challenges facing progress in the field of cooperation, the readiness of the HNEC to implement electoral processes, and the time required for each process.

They also discussed the electoral processes implemented by the HNEC since its establishment, and the lessons learned in order to advance the HNEC's work toward internationally recognized standards and principles.

During the meeting, Al-Sayeh briefed the UN envoy on the plans and procedures of the HNEC, its administrative and technical structure, and its capabilities to carry out its tasks.

Al-Sayeh said in a statement after the visit that the meeting dealt with the challenges and obstacles that the December 24 elections went through and the possibility of finding legal and technical solutions to move forward in the electoral process in order to achieve results that would be accepted by all political parties.

The UN envoy, meanwhile, stressed the continued support of the mission and the international community in general for Libya's elections, encouraging the HNEC to continue working on achieving the aspirations of Libyans in holding free and fair elections that will result in legitimate institutions in the country.