The Head of the Libyan High National Elections Commission (HNEC) Emad Al-Sayeh said 70% of the electoral process preparations is ready, including technical and logistical issues, while the remaining 30% constitute the legal framework of elections.

Al-Sayeh added Thursday in a meeting in Benghazi with the board of directors of the HNEC that they had been working full time and with full capacity to adhere to professional standards when Libyan elections are held.

Meanwhile, Al-Sayeh said last Monday that the HNEC was putting the final touches on the preparation for general elections, which are much bigger than the previous ones, expecting that preparations will be complete by mid-June and saying that any change or alterations at the board of directors of the HNEC now will get in the way of holding elections on time next December.

The replacement of the Head of HNEC that is being discussed now by the High Council of State and House of Representatives as part of sovereign positions incumbents' negotiations, was rejected by stakeholders via their ambassadors in Libya and that stirred criticism and refusal by the House of Representatives and High Council of State as they rendered it "blatant intervention in Libya's sovereignty".