The Head of the Presidential Council (PC) Fayez Al-Sirraj bid the UK ambassador to Libya Peter Millett farewell on Wednesday morning in Tripoli after the latter had finished two years and a half of service, wishing him good luck in times to come.

According to the media office of the PC, Al-Sirraj hailed the work Millett had accomplished in developing Libya-UK relations and in rallying the UK support around the “unity” in Libya, adding that Al-Sirraj also praised the UK cooperation with Libya in political, security and economic challenges.

“There is a lot of work yet to be done in cooperation with the UK.” Al-Sirraj explained.

Millett, on the other hand, hailed the understanding he saw during his term in Libya, renewing the UK government’s support for the Presidential Council and the efforts of the UNSMIL’s Head Ghassan Salame in striking accord among Libyan parties.

“Britain is ready to provide all the necessary assistance in bringing stability to Libya.” Millett remarked.