The Presidential Council's Head, Fayez Al-Sirraj, urged for building a united Libyan army under a civilian command, adding that he is exerting efforts t build the state of law, institution and democracy that will guarantee that the dictatorship rule will never return to Libya.

In his speech at the 28th Arab Summit in Jordan, Al-Sirraj called on the House of Representatives to stop abusing its powers and to commit to democratic meeting sessions.

"What made the Libyan crisis be prolonged is nothing more than the HoR's non-approval of the cabinet."

He also denounced the incident of digging up graves and mutilating the bodies as well as undermining personal freedoms by the ones who call themselves Libyan military forces.

Al-Sirraj praised the achievements of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos in Sirte against IS militants in what he described as winning in a record time in a historical epic.

"I call on the Arab Summit to adopt the proposal I suggested about uniting the Petroleum Facilities Guard under one command with the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli being the boss and the supervisor." Al-Sirraj said in his speech, adding that a military gain won't be in sight any time soon and any battle in there will have no winners, but only losers.

"I call on the international community to take action in that regard and not only focus on illegal immigration and terrorism." He indicated.

Al-Sirraj also reaffirmed that his government will provide the necessary basic needs for the Libyan citizens across the country and will respect human rights.

"Living conditions in Tripoli are normal despite the security violations that intermittently took place recently." Al-Sirraj concluded.