The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj held a meeting Tuesday morning in Tripoli to review the aftermath of the airstrikes on Derna.

The meeting was attended by Minister of Justice Mohammed Esmaiel, Interior Minister, Aref Al-Khouja, Head of the investigation bureau at the Attorney General's Office Al-Sidiq Al-Sour, and the Deputy Foreign Minister Latfi Al-Maghrabi.

The attendees discussed the local and international procedures that can be taken regarding the "bloody attack that killed and injured innocent civilians in the besieged city of Derna." The media office of Al-Serraj reported.

Al-Sirraj told the foreign ministry to follow up on the request of the Presidential Council to the United Nations Security Council to review the needed measures to make sure this attack doesn't happen.

He also tasked interior and justice ministers and the attorney general to take the necessary legal procedures to unveil the truth behind the attack on Derna, urging them to report back as soon as possible.

The Presidential Council issued a statement on Tuesday condemning the attack, demanding the UN Security Council to intervene and investigate the incident, which it considered "a war crime."

It also called for lifting the siege on Derna and allowing the humanitarian and medical aids to arrive and the injured to be transferred outside the city for treatment, vowing to support and provide assistance for the needy in the city.