The UN-proposed government’s head of Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj, emphasized that what Libya is asking for from the international community is an assistance not an intervention, pointing out that the kind of assistance needed will be specified by Libyan experts.

In a joint press conference with the Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Mosuct, Wednesday morning, Al-Sirraj said Libya is a crossing country for the illegal immigrants and not a settlement one, explaining that this case has political, security and humanitarian sides, adding that Libya is trying to eradicate this phenomenon, as it is a problem for Libya, Malta and all countries.

Al-Sirraj urged Malta to facilitate the procedures of residence for the Libyans living in there and to reopen its embassy in Tripoli as well as to reactivate its Maltese airliner companies in Libya, stressing that the two countries have solid mutual relations and hoping that they will get more expanded.

Relatedly, the Maltese PM, Muscat, said that his visit along with the delegation is a political message that reflects the deep-rooted relation Libya and Malta have and it manifests Europe’s full support for the accord government, wishing that the Tobruk-based HoR speeds up and endorse the government.

“The Maltese diplomatic mission to Libya is soon to return to Libya, visa problems will hopefull be solved, but all of this is tied to the return of security to the country and then Malta will be the first to send its diplomats back to Libya along with the companies and airliners.” Muscat indicated.

Muscat arrived Wednesday morning along with the Maltese Foreign Secretary, Giorgio Olivier and a Maltese delegation at Mitiga airport and was received by Al-Sirraj and other PC members.