Libya's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Taher Al-Sunni, said on Monday that ‘certain international powers’ are behind disruption of the elections in the country, without identifying them.

Al-Sunni remarks were made during a session of the UN Security Council, held Monday, at the UN headquarters in New York, on the latest developments of the Libyan crisis.

In his statement, the Libyan ambassador said, "Libya's economy is currently suffering from the repercussions of international intervention and the failure to reach comprehensive political solution, and attempts to develop stopgap and unrealistic solutions to the political crisis”.

He added that the solution lies simply in supporting the will of the Libyans to establish a stable state and a constitution that defines its political and economic system, and the management and distribution of the country's resources in a manner that preserves the state's stature and sovereignty.

 "There are certain international powers that fear the idea of holding elections in Libya, due to their unguaranteed results, and may not serve their narrow interests." he added.

Al-Sunni expressed his regrets over the focus of the international community’s interest in Libya only on 3 issues: foremost; flow of oil, preventing migration to Europe, fighting terrorism. Other issues in Libya are of no interest, as he put it.

He concluded that the solution to the Libyan crisis will only come through stopping external interference, by several countries, in the Libyan internal affairs, holding free, fair and inclusive elections, that exclude no one and ensure a degree of national consensus.