The Libyan ambassador to the UN, Taher al-Sunni has reiterated Libya's rejection of attempts to seize Libya's frozen funds, underscoring that the Government of National Accord (GNA) will never allow this to happen, whatever the arguments and reasons.

 Al-Sunni's remarks came in response to the Belgian government's attempts to seize part of Libya's frozen funds in its banks.

Ambassador al-Sunni raised the issue during a meeting with India’s representative to the UN, T. Tirumurti, whose country chairs the international sanctions committee for Libya.

The two sides emphasized the importance of taking steps to allow the Libyan Investment Corporation to manage frozen funds to avoid the losses that occurred years ago.

Libya's mission to the UN accused specific countries and institutions of seeking to prolong the crisis to profit from the status quo.

Meanwhile, Tirumurti expressed understanding of the point made by the Libyan state in this regard, recalling the decision of the UN that no country has the right to use these frozen funds without referring to the Sanctions Committee and the Libyan government.