Libya's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Taher Al-Sunni, has urged the Security Council to review the international sanctions imposed on Libya.

Such a step will allow the Libyan authorities to manage its frozen assets and prevent their erosion and loss, Al-Sunni told the Security Council during a session on Libya on Monday.

He urged support for "the national will" and to respond to the call of millions of Libyans seeking to reach a state of stability and safety.

Regarding the UN Envoy Bathily's new initiative, Al-Sunni insisted that any new mechanism must focus on controversial points and set a timetable for the constitutional path to complete parliamentary and presidential elections this year.

He called on the UN mission in Libya to build on the previous experiences led by the United Nations, as the current situation does not bear more transitional stages, as he put it.

While welcoming the UN envoy's efforts to advance the political process, Al-Sunni noted that the country continues to suffer from the consequences of adverse interventions.

"Time has come to start development and reconstruction and to end the manifestations of demolition and destruction," the ambassador said, as he urged the Security Council to support the efforts of national reconciliation and transitional justice in Libya.