The Head of the High Council of State, Abdelrahman Al-Sweihli, sent on Saturday three of the council’s members to investigation by the legal affairs committee, asking it to take the needed legal measures against the members because they met in Al-Bayda city with members of the former 94 Bloc of the General National Council, as those members were dismissed from the GNC for ethical and legal reasons.

Belgasim Qazit, Abdullah Jawan, and Naji Mukhtar, were the three members who met last week in Al-Bayda with the 94 Bloc members, who decided to form a parallel High Council of State in Benghazi. The members offered at the meeting to reshuffle the High Council of State by joining the two bodies into one.

“It is an individual act and it is a vivid violation of the internal code of ethics and work of the High Council of State.” Al-Sweihli indicated, adding that the three members should be investigated by the legal affairs committee.

According to the political agreement, the High Council of State is formed from GNC members who have validated membership at the date of signing the agreement – 134 members – along with 11 other members who were added from election centers who have little representation in the council. Therefore, the 94 Bloc members and others are totally out of the calculation as the condition of having valid membership at the day of signing the agreement does not go right for them.