The former Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Assembly, Ali Al-Tarhouni, was dismissed from the CDA according to the amendment done to article (02) of the CDA's internal regulations, which was carried out by some members in Al-Bayda.

“The CDA member is one who has never been asked to withdraw or had his/her membership frozen by court laws.” The amendment reads, making the number of members 54 instead of 60.

On February 15, Al-Bayda appeals court delivered a verdict cancelling the decision made by the High National Elections Commission to accept Al-Tarhouni as a member of the CDA after a suitcase filed against him last January over having an American citizenship.

The CDA boycotting member, Salim Keshlaf commented; “What the CDA members are doing in Al-Bayda is mere bullying as they are considering themselves the guardians of the Libyan people." He added that the constitutional declaration says the CDA members must be 60, and this cannot be violated by any other rules or regulations.

Relatedly, CDA members, Mohammed Daw and Mohammed Al-Hawasi have arrived in Tripoli Thursday to discuss with the boycotters the outcomes of the CDA’s meetings in Oman.

Daw said that there will be a meeting with the boycotting members and the controversial issues will be discussed, such as the capital of Libya, the cities’ representatives in the Senate and the amendments done to the internal regulation.

A number of CDA members had previously boycotted the CDA meetings in protest of improper administration by Al-Tarhouni and dissatisfaction with the draft, which was put out by the Work Committee of the CDA that the boycotters called an establishment of regionalism and country division.