Al-Zawiya armed brigades said in a statement Tuesday they are in favor of the Libyan-Libyan dialogue and that they support all the efforts that aim at building bridges between the conflicting political parties.

“We totally reject any government that is a product of trusteeship and refuse everything that violates the Libyan sovereignty as well as we reject Skhirat dialogue results, knowing that a real national government must come out from a Libyan-Libyan consensus.” The statement reads.

The brigades also called on all the revolutionaries to unite in the combat against the growing threats of terrorism, which is spreading in fast base due to foreign sponsorship, both secretly and publically, stressing that they will not allow those terrorist militias destroy Libya’s religious and ideological unity.

“We will stay faithful to the bloods our fellow Libyans sacrificed to liberate our country and set it free from tyranny and we won’t ever exchange their sacrifices with any trusteeship dictations from any side.” Concluded the statement.