Al-Zawiya Municipality has held its counterpart from Misrata and some Misratan brigades responsible for the deterioration of security situations on the coastal road between Al-Zawiya and Tripoli. 

In a letter to Misrata Municipality Saturday, Al-Zawiya Municipal Council said Misrata Municipality and some Misratan brigades were behind the return of the Tribes Army and other forces from Wirshiffana to the regions round the coastal road, confirming that these forces, which harbor killers and gangsters, are totally pro-Gaddafi ones.

The return of the Tribes Army and other forces from Wirshiffana to the western regions and the coastal road was secured by Al-Halboos and Al-Mirdas brigades of Misrata. The step was hailed by the municipal council of the city.

The two brigades announced a unilateral ceasefire around Wirshiffana region and allowed Wirshiffana brigades and the Tribes Army, who were in fact forced out of the region by Libya Dawn forces last October, to return to their region without consultations with co-brigades from Libya Dawn. They also promised to act as peace-keeping forces to secure the coastal road, but that never happened.

Wirshiffana region and the whole coastal road between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya are now very dangerous to cross. Criminals and armed robbers are active in these areas using several fake checkpoints on the road.

Last week, the Director of Janzour Security Department, Colonel Mohamed Ashour, declared the coastal road between Tripoli and Al-Zawiya as unsafe, calling on the passers-by and travelers to Tunisia to be cautious while driving on the road.

Many civilians were robbed and arrested on identity while traveling via the road. In a latest incident, three people have been kidnapped. One of them was freed after a ransom of 150,000LYD was paid to the kidnappers, while his companions were executed under torture.

In addition, some diplomatic missions were also subjected to gunpoint robbery on that road. Last May, the convoy of the Ukrainian Ambassador, Mykola Nahorny, was robbed in Al-Maya district while traveling from Tripoli to Tunisia. Also, a convoy of the British Embassy escaped a robbery attempt last year while the embassy was evacuating its staff following the breakout of fighting between Libya Dawn forces and Zintani forces, supporters of Dignity Operation, on the Airport Road.