The commander of Constitution and Elections Support Force that is affiliated with the Government of National Unity, Mohsen Al-Zuweik, said they are ready for any military confrontation.

Al-Zuweik told reporters that the failure of "parallel government" made its loyalists threaten to use force to enter Tripoli, saying his force's response to them with be on the ground not through media.

"The parallel government project started since the failure of the Aqila and Bashagha list at the Geneva forum," he said in a clear reference to Osama Juweili, who was on that same list. 

The statements by Al-Zuweik came in response to threats Juweili made Wednesday to local media, saying the only solution that saves Libya from armed conflict would be handing over power by PM Dbeibah to Bashagha in a peaceful way.

Juweili explained that they agreed at the military meeting that was held on Tuesday to deescalate until a second meeting is held next week, saying the meeting would include all military parties.

He also warned of the outbreak of clashes if the situation remains as it is, saying that those who adamantly remained in power and prevented handing it over are responsible for the consequences of any armed conflict.