The Algerian government revealed that the Debdeb border crossing with Libya would be opened to commercial traffic with Libya in the next few days.

Algerian Trade Minister Kamal Rezig asked his country's investors to invest in the emerging Libyan market, especially those specialized in food products and building materials, as expected trade exchanges could increase by opening the crossing by three billion dollars, compared to the 65 million dollars currently, of which 59 million dollars are Algerian exports to Libya.

The two countries also agreed during the visit of the Libyan Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohammed Al-Huweij, to Algeria on the need to activate the agreement to prevent double taxation, which dates back to 1988.

Debdeb border, which is located near the city of Ghadames in Libya, is considered one of the three most important land border crossings that have been closed since 2014 due to the situation in Libya.