Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Algeria has reiterated its concrete position on the Libya crisis based on the respect of the free will of the Libyan people and under the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

On Friday, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed great concern about the recent developments in the situation in Libya, calling on the parties to the crisis to intensify efforts in order to reach a political solution.

"We call for an overall and lasting political solution through a comprehensive Libyan dialogue, away from external interference, whatever its form and source," a statement read, urging Libyan factions to have recourse to the language of dialogue in order to put an end to the ongoing fighting.

The Algerian Foreign Ministry statement came in response to the war criminal Khalifa Haftar’s declaration of a humanitarian truce to stop the fighting in the month of Ramadan, which the Government of National Accord rejected, accusing Haftar militias of treachery and its failure to adhere to the truce in previous times.

Haftar appeared in a televised address last Monday, to declare that the United Nations-brokered agreement is "a thing of the past" claiming that he was granted "a popular mandate" to govern the country.