All political bodies in Libya are invalid according to the law, and there are growing demands for a change through elections, says Vice President of the Presidential Council (PC), Abdullah Al-Lafi

"The national reconciliation is one of the most critical projects the PC is working on to provide a solution in all aspects," Al-Lafi told an audience at the Women's Forum for National Reconciliation.

The PC vice president disclosed plans to hold the preparatory forum for national reconciliation on January 8, saying they will present a document to the Libyan parties in this regard.

According to Al-Lafi, the January forum will lay the ground for the first reconciliation conference, which is likely to be held next March, with expectations that it would lead to binding political and executive decisions.

"The PC's goal is to build reconciliation on sound foundations to ensure a stable environment leading to elections." He added.

He said the Libyans agreed to form a government but failed to achieve elections, which are the first step towards unifying the state and the building process.