The Supreme Council Libyan Amazigh warned against any military movements - especially what is happening near the city of Zuwara - saying this would drag the western region into unpredictable unrest. 

The Supreme Council's statement came in a statement by its Chairman Al-Hadi Barkik on Saturday regarding the recent security developments ij the West Coast and Nafusa Mountain regions. 

The statement called on the Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah to immediately dissolve the Joint Room and pull it out from the region. It confirmed that the Amazigh social component would not participate or be represented in the Joint Room, which was formed after deliberate marginalization of the Amazigh in the state militarily, security-wise and politically.

The Council also warned against reaching an irreversible point in the country in light of an existential conflict where there is no constitution that guarantees the rights of the Amazigh amid their lack of representation in all previous dialogues.

The Joint Operations Room for the defense of the western and southwestern regions announced that it had assigned a security force to secure and protect the region, including the Ras Ajdair border crossing.