Tobruk Parliament MP, Ibrahim Amish, said that the General National Congress and Tobruk Parliament teams of the Libyan-Libyan dialogue have reached a common ground regarding several points of dispute for both of them.

Amish explained, in a press statement Sunday, that the most essential points that they agreed upon are those related to creating symmetrical legislation and government as well as striking a balance in the selection of candidates for sovereign positions.

“It is not true; news agencies are saying that such Libyan-Libyan dialogue agreement will lead to the cancellation of a number of the Skhirat agreement articles, and I confirm that it won’t.” He remarked.

He also confirmed that what is being said about the 101 members from Tobruk Parliament endorsing the UN-imposed government is wrong, pointing out that Tobruk Parliament will hold a session Monday to discuss the latest occurrences in the country.