Angry protesters stormed the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) on Friday evening as part of demonstrations sweeping the country, calling for all political bodies to leave the scene.

Using a bulldozer, online clips showed the protesters demolishing its entrance and marching in. Computers and furniture were set on fire in front of the House by the angry rampage.

The outraged crowd demanded the dissolution and suspension of all political bodies and to go to elections as soon as possible, blaming the HoR Speaker Aqila Saleh and Khalifa Haftar for the current crises gripping the country.

The crowd said the HoR has failed to play its legislative and oversight part, accusing its members of deliberately postponing the elections to stay in power.

Calls for rallies against the present political bodies have been building up online, especially with the HoR naming a new parallel government that deepened the rift in the already divided state.

Protesters were rallying in other parts of Tobruk, besides the capital Tripoli, Misrata, and Sabha in the south, united by a fury with many targets: oil shutdown, power cuts, economic crisis, and the political stalemate.

A movement named "Friday of the Cry of Youth" has been campaigning for the demonstrations on social networks and recruiting others for their cause.

The organizers are demanding that the Presidential Council or the Supreme Judicial Council be authorized to dissolve all political bodies and declare a state of emergency across the country.