Angry reactions to Zliten terrorist attack

Angry reactions to Zliten terrorist attack

January 07, 2016 - 20:35
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Photo: Zliten Municipality

The death toll from the terrorist suicide attack on Zliten police training camp has risen to 55 and more than 100 wounded. Misrata Central Hospital also reported that it had received 77 wounded recruits from the deadly explosion.

Meanwhile, The Libyan Fatwa House has condemned the merciless attack that took place in a police training camp in Sooq Tolata, Zliten, calling on the government and its ministries to exert the necessary efforts and provide the needed support for the policemen out there in the checkpoints.

“All the security personnel must receive the necessary equipment to enable them to do their jobs perfectly and to guarantee their safety, yet to figure out the negligent ones among them and punish them.” The Fatwa House explained.

The FH urged once again the General Staff and the legitimate state institutions to mobilize the forces to fight the deviant IS (Daesh) in all ways possible, in addition to uniting all of the preachers and researchers’ efforts in combating those oppressors and uncover their corrupt ideology, of which all Muslims must be aware.

The General National Congress has also condemned the cowardly explosion, reaffirming that it will keep on fighting terrorism in all its kinds until security and stability prevail in the country.

In addition, the SG as well denounced in the strongest terms Zliten explosion calling on all citizens to report any dubious moves or acts around them in order to quicken the process of apprehending the criminals behind the attack.

The EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini also deplored the attack, saying the people of Libya deserve peace and security.

"Once again Libya has been targeted by terrible violence, once again the Libyans are mourning victims of an attack." She said.