Turkey on Tuesday expressed its rejection to the statements of French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian's regarding Ankara's role in Libya, insisting that Paris's support to illegal entities is the obstacle to establishing peace and stability in Libya.

"The support France is providing to Haftar is fueling the Libyan crisis," a statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, stressing that this approach from France has encouraged Haftar to continue on the military course increasing the suffering and anguish of the Libyan people.

The statement added that the support of France and some other countries to illegal bodies is a contravention to the Security Council resolutions.

"Turkey is supporting a government recognized by the international community within the framework of United Nations resolutions, and provides support upon request," the Turkish Foreign Ministry explained.

It added, "While our country stands with the legitimate government, France stands with the coup and an illegitimate person, as confirmed by the United Nations and NATO."