The cities of Zintan and Zanzour signed on Thursday a reconciliation agreement to end tension and bridge the gap between them after more than a year of dispute.

 The agreement was signed in Zanzour by elders of both cities.

"The agreement aims to heal the rift, remove tension, renounce violence and bloodshed, and protects the lives of people and to help build a modern state of law and institutions." The agreement states.

Both sides agreed to settle their outstanding problems through dialogue and release people who were arrested on identity bases.

They also promised to ban identity-based arrest, tit-for-tat attacks on private and public properties and not to intimidate travellers on public roads.

"We agree not to provide any kind of support to any third party that intends to attack one of the two cities, and not to make any military presence inside the administrative borders of each of the two cities unless with concord between both parties." The agreement indicated.

Early on Tuesday, Zintan and Kikla signed a similar agreement to end conflict and allow Kikla IDPs to return to their homes.