The Arab Parliament called on Monday on the Libyan parties to return to dialogue and develop a clear and specific road map for holding elections this year.

In a statement published by the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, The Arab Parliament urged Libyan actors to converge views on the executive actions leading to an electoral process during 2023.

The bloc said it is following with great interest the developments in Libya and the efforts to complete the political achievements to reach a final solution to the crisis, considering that Libya's security is an integral part of the Arab national security.

They stressed the need to create a sustainable consensus between all parties to overcome the political stalemate and increase the chances of reaching an accord.

The group reaffirmed their rejection of any external interference in Libyan internal affairs, calling on the Arab countries and the international community to support Libyans to overcome their differences, establish security, and pushforwards the development and reconstruction efforts.