The Arab Parliament has expressed concern over the rising tension in Libya, saying that the state should not be left a "prey to waves of violence between the conflicting parties."

The parliament's statement comes as a consequence of the armed clashes that rocked the capital, Tripoli, on Tuesday morning, after the PM-designate of the east-based parliament Fathi Bashagha tried to take over the government from the incumbent PM Abdul Hamid Dbiebah.

"The new waves of violence in Libya will take the country towards a dangerous trend that will destroy all efforts to restore stability and security," the parliament said on Tuesday.

It urged local actors to exercise restraint and put the national interest first to get their country out of this 'critical stage' with minimal losses.

The Arab MPs affirmed their full support for all efforts made toward restoring stability to the Libyan state and bringing the conflicting parties to the negotiating table that would lead to legislative and presidential elections.

Commenting on the Libyan talks in Cairo, taking place under the UN auspices, the bloc stressed the importance of the meetings between the two rivals, the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, in strengthening security and stability and achieving the aspirations of the Libyan people for a decent life.

"Libya is going through a critical stage in its history, which requires everyone to stand united and agree on specific mechanisms in order to move on."

It also underscored the need to stop foreign interference in preparation for Libya's return to its position at the Arab, regional and international levels.