Jufra revolutionaries and Misrata Military Council forces clashed Tuesday morning with Haftar’s militias backed by Sudanese opposition rebels and some Gaddafi loyalists barricading in the district, a source from Libya Shield forces of the central region disclosed.

The source added that the clashes, which took place 40 km to the west of Zillah district, have caused a number of deaths and injuries for both parties.

On the other hand, a source from the air force of the Tripoli-based General Staff said that the Libyan air force warplanes carried out three airstrikes targeting Haftar’s militias, which were eying the control of the oil fields in Zillah area.

Moreover, the spokesman of the Oil Facilities Guard, Ali Al-Hassi, said their forces did not take part in the Zillah clashes, confirming that they are positioned in the oil ports and fields.