An armed group attacked fuel trucks belonging to the Arab Association for Oil Transport in Bay valley, southwest of Sirte, while on their way to the oil depots in Sabha, the Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee (FAGCC) said on its Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to the source, two trucks loaded with 100,000 litres of fuel were stopped and seized.  One of the drivers managed to escape, while the other one's fate is still unknown.

The identity of the gangsters is still unknown, but there are fears they are a group of ISIS fugitives.

The FAGCC complained that its repeated appeals to the security bodies and the municipal councils of the southern region to secure Sabha's oil depot route had gone unheeded.

“Therefore, we are obliged to stop the supplying of fuel and gas to the south until urgent measures are taken for the protection of oil truck drivers from looting gangs.” The FAGCC said.