Sporadic clashes took place Sunday morning in Tripoli’s Al-Firnaj area, where the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade attacked the headquarters of the General Intelligence Department (GID).

“The armed brigade sent all the employees and workers in the headquarters out and then it attacked the Study Scholarships HQS, which is located next to the GID.” Sources reported.

Last week, the same brigade controlled the Health Ministry’s headquarters in the same area in Tripoli. Residents reported hearing gunshots in the vicinity of Tripoli Medical Center, then they learned that the brigade seized the HQs after resistance from the force appointed to secure the ministry.

Likewise, two weeks ago the brigade took control of the Ministry of Telecommunication in Azzawiya St. and it is unclear whether the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government knows about the incident or it was an individual act as part of the ongoing conflict for power among the armed groups in Tripoli.

The Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade is one of the biggest armed groups in Tripoli and it is using some camps in Al-Firanj, Ain Zara, and Baer Al-Usta Milad as its base.