Former Gaddafi army officers in south Libya have agreed to set up their own military command after years of fighting for Khalifa Haftar's Dignity Operation.

During a meeting in Qira town in Wadi Shati on Thursday, the officers selected General Ali Kannah as the commander of “Libyan Arab Armed Forces in South Libya,” and to be separate from Khalifa Haftar’s so called “General Command of Libyan Armed Forces” in Al-Marj.

In a statement, the southern officers called all army personnel to join their barracks and confirmed that army units would be reconstructed.

They also confirmed that their forces will only operate under a unified command for the Libyan army when the state is built.

General Kannah claimed his forces won't intervene in politics, calling all western and eastern politicians to unify the Libyan army under one command.

"We only intend to secure the people and strategic installations in the south in addition to backing police institution," he said.

He confirmed they would stand at an equal distance from all Libyan rivals, saying the establishment of “Libyan Arab Armed Forces in South Libya" is an internal matter for the southern region.