Indiscriminate shells fired by Haftar's militias on Tuesday killed 3 people in Tripoli, including children, the media office of the Volcano of Rage Operation said.

The two children were relatives, identified to be from Algerew family. The shell hit their home in Sawani district south of Tripoli.

Haftar's militias have upped their bombardment of residential neighborhoods and civilian facilities, in open disregard to the proclaimed armistice.

A barrage of shells fired by Haftar's militias also took the life of an old man and injured four members of his family in Tarik al-Shoak.

The death toll of the bombings has not been confirmed, yet the media adviser of the Ministry of Health, Amin Al-Hashemi, said that teams of the Field Medicine and Support Center were targeted while trying to advance to Salah al-Din area in an attempt to rescue the wounded.