The remains of six victims whom the pro-Khalifa Haftar militia, Al-Kani killed and dumped into mass graves have been named after undergoing the identification process.

The Association of Tarhuna Victims said that Abdul Hamid Jaballah, Khaled Farhat, and Fawzi al-Naas were kidnapped by the Al-Kani militia between November and December of 2019. Their bodies were recovered from an agricultural spot in the city.

Aladdin Al-Rumaih had gone missing in May of 2019 and was transferred to a prison in Tarhuna until his body was found in January of this year, the association added.

It also confirmed the identity of Naji Al-Jabri, a resident of the Souk Al-Khamis Amsihel area, who was kidnapped by the Al-Kani militia in April 2020.

The body of Ahmed Mohamed, a man in his 80s, was found dumped with other victims in a spot in the Souk Al-Khamis Amsihel district, according to the same source, who said the victim was kidnapped by the Al-Kani militia in March 2020.

The number of bodies identified by DNA has exceeded 200, according to the Identification of Missing Person data.