The General Authority for Search and Identification of Missing Persons has confirmed the identity of nine anonymous bodies recovered earlier from Tarhuna.

The authority made the announcement after a meeting with the permanent committee concerned with conducting DNA tests on the unidentified corpses and matching them with the families of those missing.

In a Facebook statement, the authority revealed that among the nine cases were four from the eastern region.

Their bodied were found in the Hospital of Tarhuna after the pro-Haftar Kani militia were made to flee in June 2020 by the Libyan army.

For five years, the agricultural town southeast of Tripoli was under the grip of the Kani family and the militia they created.

Body removal crews have lifted hundreds of bodies from plots across the town, but large areas remained untouched.

Up until now, the authorities identified 208 corpses, most of them recovered from Tarhuna.

Many of the bodies belong to civilians, including women and children, some had evidence of torture, and others were burnt or buried alive.