Baira: Tobruk-based HoR won’t hold meeting before next Monday

Baira: Tobruk-based HoR won’t hold meeting before next Monday

April 19, 2016 - 22:21
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The member of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Abu Bakir Baira, said that there will be no meeting for the HoR until next Monday, pointing out that disagreements among the MPs regarding Skhirat agreement are still existent.

In a press statement, Baira said that the HoR did not hold a meeting Tuesday due to the disagreements, yet the anti UN-proposed government members and the pro-ones formed a 12-member committee, six from each side, to bridge the gap in the standpoints of the two parties. However, the committee has not come up with any official proposal up until now.

Similarly, the HoR member and the member in the newly formed 12-member committee, Saleh Ifheima, said the committee agreed on a number of points and had presented them to the two parties of the HoR, highlighting that there remains a possibility to hold a meeting for the HoR this week by the request of the Speaker as per the internal schedule.

On the other hand, Mustafa Abu Shagour posted on his Facebook that the anti UN-proposed government HoR members have presented five preconditions that he outlined as follows. First, the HoR members must stop escalating the situation on media. Second, the HoR must reconcile with the Presidential Council of the UN-proposed government. Third, there should be some amendments done to the political agreement, above all removal of article (08). Fourth, the UN-proposed government must be reformed to suit Libya’s geographical distribution. Finally, the HoR tasks list must include the constitutional amendment and vote of approval for the UN-proposed government at the same time.

Abu Sahgour commented on the preconditions saying that all of the points are easy to deal with except for the third one. He said that it means, “opening the political agreement”, which does not goes under the command of the HoR alone, but is rather tied to the political agreement that was approved by all of the dialogue parties.

He also commented on the fourth precondition saying that the reformation of the whole government according to the Libyan geographical distribution will plunge the Presidential Council into “sharing policy”, which will leave none of the parties satisfied.

“Another round of negotiations is going to be held tonight by the 12-member committee to provide responses to the preconditions, if they agreed; an HoR meeting could take place Wednesday. If not, the HoR will do its best to hold a meeting on Thursday as the last attempt.

It is worth mentioning that the HoR, which is dissolved as per the verdict of the Constitutional Court, has extended the term for six months by itself by making a constitutional amendment on October 20, 2015, yet the extension ends tomorrow on April 20.