UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged on Friday the two Libyan political rivals to act quickly and make the final step toward a peace deal.

Addressing a high-level meeting on Libya at the United Nations headquarters, he urged all parties to put aside their differences and act on the draft agreement they have before them.

He said the UN envoy for Libya, Bernardino Leon, has assured him that the parties "remain committed and will not go back on their word."

He also stated that the international community will stand united with the Libyan people in their efforts to choose peace over violence and stability over chaos.

Meanwhile, Alnabaa TV reported that the GNC delegation refused to enter the meeting hall in protest against reception procedures. The delegation returned back to their hotel and only US, British and Italian ambassadors convinced them to come back to the meeting after receiving them as official delegates.

The GNC delegation also walked out of the meeting in another protest, according to Alnabaa. This time, the delegation protested the refusal of the organizing committee to give them the floor to respond to speeches of some participants.

Reports say the GNC delegation was angered by the speech of Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry who took Tobruk parliament's side.

"Those who imagine they can delay until the end of October to change the political scene in Libya are betting on the wrong horse. The House of Representatives is the only legitimate body in Libya and its legitimacy would continue until new elections are held."  Shoukry told the participants at the meeting, which seems to be meant to the GNC delegation.

- Anti-dialogue protests

In Benghazi, a small number of protesters called on Tobruk parliament on Friday to refuse the dialogue agreement. They also called for extension of parliament mandate after October.

- GNC differences

More than 30 have requested the Fatwa House to issue a religious ruling about the latest dialogue agreement amid growing split among GNC members. Another 50 members have expressed support to the negotiating team in its dialogue efforts. Around 110 GNC members are now attending sittings in Tripoli.

The dialogue delegates will fly to Skhirat, Morocco on Saturday to discuss names for the unity government.