The head of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency, Brigadier General Al-Mabrouk Milad, has discussed with the Bangladeshi ambassador to Libya, Sheikh Iskandar Ali, the situation of Bengali illegal immigrants accommodated at the migration shelters.

The meeting, which was attended by the director of the managing organizations and international cooperation department, dealt with means of coordination to expedite the immigrants' procedures at the embassy ​​in preparation to repatriate them to their country.

The two sides also agreed on exchanging information with respect to tracking human trafficking rings by enhancing ties between relevant authorities in both countries, according to a statement by the agency on Facebook.

"The Ministry of Interior is working, in cooperation with all local and international bodies, to ensure a safe environment for migrants at shelters, in preparation for a dignified return under international human rights principles," the agency stressed.

For his part, the Bangladeshi ambassador expressed his gratitude for the Libyan authorities' cooperation in facilitating the return journey of Bangladeshi migrants and taking into account their humanitarian conditions.