Barghati: What is happening in Benghazi is much worse than terror

Barghati: What is happening in Benghazi is much worse than terror

November 07, 2016 - 20:39
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

No military institution was established in Benghazi and new form of terrorism has been formed in the city, the designated Minister of Defense of the UN-proposed government Mahdi Al-Barghati revealed on Monday.

Once Khalifa Haftar's strong ally, Al-Barghati said in a press conference in Tripoli that the current situations in the war-torn city are worse than terrorism, after yet another of his military group the 204 Tank Division was murdered in cold blood.

"Was a strong military institution created? I can tell you that not one proper functioning military unit was formed. Has the bombing, kidnap and murder been removed from Benghazi? No it hasn’t. Has terrorism been dealt with? No it hasn’t.”He wondered.

He underlined that Dignity Operation forces have made little progress in the ongoing war in the city after nearly three years of clashes.

“We must ask ourselves why Derna was able to remove the threat of terrorism within three days, or Sabrata who have also removed that threat, we must also ask ourselves how ISIS are taking their last breaths in Sirte.”He remarked.

Reacting to Dignity Operation's takeover of oil ports, he confirmed that foreign mercenaries had taken part in the attack and that thousands of them are now situated around the crescent region in preparation for an attack on the city of Jufra, which he visited last week to set up his ministry there.

Five gunmen from 204 Tank Division have been abducted by armed groups loyal to Khalifa Haftar, one of them was found dead near Al-Marj city with signs of torture on his body.

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