The Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha has called for protecting media platforms from hate speech, extremism and rumors, saying he has instructed all institutions to respect press freedom and secure as well as facilitate the work of journalists.

Bashagha hailed on Twitter, marking the World Press Freedom Day, the free journalism and media, reiterating their role in documenting the crimes of aggression and reporting the suffering of people amid the Coronavirus pandemic, saying there is now an email for any complaints by people against any institution in the country.

Libya came this year 162 on the World Press Freedom Index for 2020. Libya's rank has retreated on the World Press Freedom Index this year due to political instability and lack of security in the country along with armed conflicts that have all impacted the work of journalists, killing some of them and sending others to arbitrary detention.

Last year, Libya came 164 on the press freedom index, while in 2018, it came 162, just like this year.