The Libyan Prime Minister-designate who was appointed by the House of Representatives, Fathi Bashagha, reiterated to the US ambassador Richard Norland the need for clear mechanism for managing oil revenues as per the law and national sovereignty.

Bashagha said on his official Facebook page that he had discussed with Norland the need to keep the sovereign institutions away from political strife and to keep them neutral as well as transparent.

He added that they had agreed that using violence wasn't acceptable and that resuming oil production was in the best interest of the Libyan people. They both reiterated support for all paths leading to holding parliamentary and presidential elections, especially the implementation of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission's agreement points.

Force majeure was lifted on Friday in all fields and ports after the announcement of the newly appointed National Oil Corporation's Chairman Farhat Bengdara who replaced Mustafa Sanallah by orders of PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah.

Bashagha has said recently that oil production will only be resumed after the Central Bank of Libya approves and liquidates his government's budget that the House of Representatives passed in last June.