The Prime Minister-designate, Fathi Bashagha, said Russia’s attack is a clear violation of international law and the sovereignty of a democratic Ukraine, urging on Twitter for respect of state sovereignty and the decisions of its elected authorities.

Bashagha said this conflict has global impacts that must be addressed, adding that Libya is committed to supporting and stabilizing energy sources, and security in the Mediterranean.

"In Ukraine, the world is witnessing yet another conflict and civilians are the ones paying the price. Libya is a great example that conflict leads nowhere and Peace can only be achieved through dialogue. I pray for the safety of civilians and an end to this conflict." Bashagha added.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry welcomed the House of Representatives' vote of confidence in Bashagha's government, saying it is very vital step on the way to end the crisis in Libya, offering to cooperate with the new government to boost political settlement chances.